Ban Smoking in Cars

In this essay I have to respond to an argument that I disagree with. I do not have to disagree with all aspects of the argumet. My job will be to research and fully understand the opposing argumet, then explain my position, using clear and compelling support to bloster my argument.
-Thesis/claim: Parents should not smoke when they are driving with kids around.
-Preview: explain what my argument will contain.
-Focus reader: concentrate on information that my readers will interest.
2. Background:
In this paragraph I will write about the background of smoking inside the cars with children. Or summarize argument.
3. Support:
Reasons for why parents should stop smoking when they are driving with kids around.
4. More support:
Proof that the problem exist giving facts, proof, statistics, etc.
5. Counterarguments: (I put some but you can use more important ones, these are things that people who disagree will say)
-Smokers have the right to smoke in their cars.
-No bill has passed to stop doing it.
-This ban could not be enforced.
-Not enough education for parents is given. (I am not sure if this one goes here or in other information)
– my introduction shoul state my claim and give a brief overview of the rest of the essay.
-As needed, summarize or mention the oppossing argument so my audience undesrtand the context fot my response. this might take the for of addressing and rebutting conteraguments.
-Create unified paragraphs which include a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea of the paragraph and supporting sentences that develop the main idea.
-My conclusion should reemphasize my claim and why is valid.

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