Assignment: Dealing Effectively and Ethically with Angry Customers

After reviewing and practicing with the ethical approaches in the Learning Activities, which ethical approach did the CSR take? What ethical approach do you think the CSR should have taken based on the CSR skills you have practiced? Explain.
How might a changed ethical approach have affected a different outcome than what transpired?
Based on your Reading in Chapter 5, and the ethical approach you chose, what could the CSR have done to resolve this situation? What options for resolution of the problem might there be? Explain your resolution in detail.

Respond in a minimum of a 2-page paper (500 words minimum) in APA format and citation style responding to all of the checklist items in a thorough manner. Submit your completed Assignment to the Dropbox before the end of the unit.

Disclaimer: This exercise may include actual companies and brand names solely for instructional purposes; this exercise is not associated with any such actual company or brand name. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

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