Are we too connected to the internet?


For this reading response, you need to respond as directed.

Remember: you need to have either a hard copy or a digital copy of the articles for class discussion.

For Reading #7, we are going to question our relationship with technology. We will read articles about technology and empathy, as well as technology addiction. We will then form our own opinions on the subject and write a few paragraphs about it.

1. Read Chapters 5 & 6 in They Say/I Say (p. 64-71; 74-86)

3.Then, watch the clip of Louis CK on Conan O’Brien. Warning: there is some strong language.

3. Read one of the articles below (you can read both, of course, if you want)

An article about addiction to technology:

A recent opinion piece about internet and empathy:

4. Write at least two paragraphs about this topic.

What do you think? Are we too connected to the internet? Are we losing empathy? Or, does technology give us a greater ability to connect? Feel free to bring in alternate viewpoints.

Create a thesis.

Have at least one paraphrase and one direct quote. Use at least one of the templates from They Say/ISay.

Have both proper in-text citations and a Works Cited.

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