Submission Requirements
As a minimum for submission all students should have:
Site analysis
Site context drawings (group work, site elevations, two site sections, one site plan)
Photographs which illustrate building typologies and understanding of site context.
i.e. social diversity of the area, historic and present use of the buildings, views of and
from your site.
Well presented and relevant precedents.
Sketches which illustrate a design process i.e. diagrams, plans, sections, elevations,
perspectives, axonometric
A physical model to a scale of 1:100 (or other appropriate scale to be agreed) and/or
‘sketch up’ models.
Your design / General Arrangement drawings
1:500 location plan
1:200 site plan with appropriate context
1:100 general arrangement plans with context
1: 100 main sections of your bulding including context (at least one long and one
short section)
1: 100 main elevations including context
Rendered images, preferably a Sketch Up model.
A detail
A 1:20 detailed section illustrating structure, cladding, insulation, materiality etc

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: