Analyzes organizational budgets and provides advice and recommendations to Chief, Social Service, as appropriate, including critical budget areas.

The incumbent serves as the Program specialist for the Sterile Processing Services (SPS).The Sterile Processing Services comprises the service within the hospital in which medical/surgical supplies and equipment, both sterile and non-sterile, are cleaned, high level disinfectant, prepared, processed, stored, and issued for patient care.


Duties include but are not limited to: 


Meets with the Associate Director for Patient Care Services (ADPCS), Deputy ADPCS, And Executive Assistant for CPO, etc.  a breasting them on issues that affect the delivery of health care in the CPO office and Medical Center. Incumbent analyzes problems that are unique to the VA System with its broad program missions, complex administrative management problems, rapid fluctuation in various program priorities and requirements, and the many conflicts between program requirements and available resources.


Sets priorities, performance standards, writes position descriptions, trains, and conducts semiannual evaluations.  Makes recommendations for performance awards for employees whose performance is good or outstanding, the incumbent is responsible for ensuring that annual competency are performed and documented in accordance with Joint Commission guidelines.


Serves as the technical expert regarding operational problems and personnel administrative issues; including maintaining responsibility for reviewing and approving organizational changes, position descriptions and performance standards; provides management and classification and continuing education activities; ensures that all administrative issues are resolved at the lowest level.


Responsible on a day-to-day basis for coordinating and facilitating the administrative function of all services related to support of the CPO/SPS office, performance improvement, utilization management and resource efficiency throughout CPO/SPS.


Provides guidance and direction to the many and varied license staff within CPO/SPS regarding VHA directives, policy, MCM’s and SOP’s assure efficiency and customer satisfaction, including scheduling of activities, daily monitoring of the operations of the programs measuring outcome of services provided by reviewing and analyzing data making recommendations for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Provides for the maintenance of data related to the budget and expenditure estimates in order to provide the best possible patient care within allotted budget; works in close coordination with the Executive Assistant, CPO to provide workload statistics.  Advises on fund shortages and makes recommendations regarding funding or program adjustments to promote program effectiveness and efficiency.


Provides guidance and assistance to supervisors and staff on all personnel issues; communicates, interprets and advises on federal and agency personnel policies, regulations and procedures.


Analyzes organizational budgets and provides advice and recommendations to Chief, Social Service, as appropriate, including critical budget areas.


Monitors budget allocation and execution to insure that operating program objective are met. Perform analysis of budget requests by employing techniques such as cost-benefit analysis or exploring alternative methods of funding.  Works closely with A&MMS to develop and negotiate contracts. Serves as COR for various contracts; monitors the use and rate of expenditure of budgeted fund in assigned fund through continuing dialogue with VA program staff, review of written documents, and examination of accounting records.  Serves as control point official for all fund control points in CPO/SPS, monitoring closely to assure budget levels are not exceeded.


Analyzes and evaluates on a quantitative or qualitative basis the effectiveness of programs or operations in meeting established goals and objective.


Develops and maintains a system to ensure that beneficiary complaints and enquires are appropriately received and resolved. Must have knowledge of qualitative and quantitative techniques for analyzing and measuring the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of administrative and technical aspects of the service provided in SPS/ CPO, along with knowledge of the mission, organization, and work processes of programs throughout the medical center, and the relationships of administrative support activities; Performs all other duties as assigned.

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