Analyze how the events in the film fit into the category you have chosen from the list above (“gates of an unknown zone”; “in the belly of the whale”; “the road of trials”).

As we have learned from our readings, the monomyth, or the Hero’s Journey, is a story that is universal, archetypal, and recognizable simply because we are human. For this activity, you will apply your understanding of the elements of the Hero’s Journey to the movie, Troy.

Begin by completing the required readings for this module and by reviewing your notes from Module 1, particularly the elements of the Hero’s Journey, as well as the film, Troy. Next, return to pages 220-223 in your text. Choose one of the following three topics:

  1. “gates of an unknown zone”
  2. “in the belly of the whale”
  3. “the road of trials”

Then, in your original post:

  • Analyze how the events in the film fit into the category you have chosen from the list above (“gates of an unknown zone”; “in the belly of the whale”; “the road of trials”). For example, if you choose “gates of the unknown zone” as your topic, you will need to choose one of the main characters in the film and discuss the point in the film where that character reaches the “gates of the unknown zone.”
  • Explain how well your example fits into the elements of your chosen category.

Example questions to help you complete this activity:

  1. Did your example of the “gates of the unknown” match up with the information given in your readings?
  2. Was the main character aided by a supernatural guide? Had the hero already set out on his adventure when he reached the “gates of the unknown zone”?
  3. Did the hero encounter a “threshold guardian”? How did that guardian represent the limits of the hero’s current life? Did the guardian assist the hero or was the guardian deceitful?
  4. If you choose “belly of the whale” as your category, evaluate your chosen character’s actions by comparing the details from the film with the information on page 220 of your text in the paragraph that begins “The hero is swallowed up…”

These questions are only guides for your analysis. Remember in the movie Troy, we have several main characters who will follow the path of the Hero’s Journey. You do not have to choose Achilles! You certainly can, but that is not your only option.

Next, respond to two of your classmates’ posts, engaging with their responses by contributing further detail, asking questions, or, if you disagree, explaining why using supporting information.

Use either APA or MLA style for citation of sources and post your initial response no later than Thursday at midnight. Reply to at least two of your peers’ initial posts. When you agree, add some substance to the discussion by providing additional support for the point of view you share. When you disagree, clearly identify where you think the post is unconvincing and support your opposing view with a clear argument. Continue the discussion until the end of the module.


Evaluation Criteria

Your initial post should be at least 250 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings from the module with proper APA style formatting.

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