Africa studies

Pick 3 questions and answer each in 2 pages, typed and double-spaced (Times New Roman font size 12). You may add one more answer for extra credit (maximum 05 extra points allowable then). Write clearly the number of the question before your answer. You may answer in any order. Each answer is worth 10 pts as the midterm is weighted 30% of the final grade

1 Explain and discuss: Gold and trade are at the origins of the Sudanic states formation. You may identify or substitute other factors. You may focus on one state.

2 Describe the Bantu migrations and their impact.

3 The matrilineal system is common in Ancient Africa: describe and explain.

4 “African religions are pragmatic not spiritual”: explain, discuss and illustrate this opinion.

5 In ancient Africa, the family is the microcosm of state and society: discuss.

6 Describe the system of education in Ancient Africa.

7 “Egypt and Nubia constitute the essential pair of Africa’s early civilizations”: explain, discuss and illustrate this opinion.

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