Administrative Law

A law is passed whereby all reasonable efforts are to be made to reserve the effects of contamination of all U.S. Water System.
The President, acting through the Attorney General, forms the Water Contamination Control Agency (aka Agency) that immediately bans the discharge of any toxins into U.S. waters. Furthermore the agency also imposes a system of fines, whereby any violation of these new laws will result in a automatic $10,000 fine
Sam is happily motoring on the same lake in which he has been motoring for years. However, one of his spark plugs becomes fouled just as a storm is approaching.
In effort to get to safety in time, Sam runs his engine faster than usual, and he increased load on it, coupled with the fouled spark plug, created an excessive amount of black smoke that is noticed by Dan, an inspector who is employed by (aka) Agency.
When inspector sees the smoke settle on the water, and a sheen develops, he writes Sam a citation that includes a $10,000 fine.
Sam doesn’t understand the significance of any of this, and comes to you for an explanation. What will you tell him?
Discuss your answer in a very full narrative essay with much detail.

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