Administration of institutional systems

Explore your organization (that will be Eastern Michigan University) framed and administered as an institution system.
-You have to follow this not that is explant from teacher in the class. Also, I suggest to look at the article that( I will attach it )to have clear with some items and how do the paper.
Legitimacy-: institutional theory/ institutional Environment.
1- Rules/law
2- Norms/best practices: norms is expectation, what someone thinks you should do (Best practices, best things) you should belief it is good to feel good about it follow the right…if you feel not belief you will not feel good
3- Cognitive categories
4- Affect/ sentiment
In order to be right have to follow all rules.

Institutional agents: that impact in your organization, institutional environment, and mission statement (what do we product. ex: EMU must have permission statement and satiety statement….
Federal gout
Sate gout
Local gout

Acridity agency
Institutional agents make:
1-rules: must
2- norms: expectations to do this because it should to do- what should do
3- categories: should have. There are different categories, preference, student affairs house, presidents students who past the table process, library services. You should have library, things. Categories conformity
5- Affect/ sentiment: disposition. When work on ethics, feel good and right is ethics. Student affairs what he feel good and they have different positions.
Demand- isomorphism/ conformity

a- Coercive: do not do it, filed. The compere between the …ex: if EMU have library Michigan U should have one. If Michigan have computer EMU should have one…
b- Normative
c- Imitation
1- Categorical conformity- should have/mascot when should have these categories-ex: miessions
2- Structural conformity- should have in college, ex: (building, football stadiums
3- Procedural conformity- ex: process, procedure, works, way.. And admissions through out procedure for iterative, international students…
4- Personnel conformity-department head caches, dean
5- Affective conformity- Are you a true behavior? EMU.
“Prc agent

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