Address the question of why understanding culture is important to your major and/or career choice.

Interview a Professional
Format of Paper
All papers must be typed and double-spaced. All papers must contain the following:
Title page
Bibliography/footnotes: must use at least 3 academic resources in writing this paper. Only one of those resources can be an encyclopedia.
All papers must incorporate as many anthropological concepts as possible.
All papers must be between 5 to 7 pages in length (typed and double-spaced with no larger than 1 inch margins).
Choice of topic must be approved by instructor
Content of Paper
Many times students taking Sociology 1145 do not understand why this course is a requirement. In your paper address the question of why understanding culture is important to your major and/or career choice. Include information from one interview, information from websites and research you do, and include examples of mistakes made by people in your field due to the lack of understanding cultural differences.
Part I of your activity is to interview a professional that is currently employed in a career that you are planning to work in for the future. It is much better to do this project based on your profession. This way you will be able to find professional sources on why cultural competency is important in your field.
You will be interviewing them to find out what role “culture” and cultural issues play in their job. In your paper just summarize what you learned from the interview and include the direct answers to each question at the end of your paper as an attachment. Be sure to refer to class notes on interviewing.
Part II of your activity is to locate some written resources concerning your field and issues surrounding culture and cultural diversity. (The internet is a good start for this).
Extra credit points will be awarded to those of you who go the extra mile and use both creativity and good research to write this paper.
Interview Guideline
Name of interviewee?
How long employed?
Where, When, and How long was the interview?
Why did they choose this career/job?
What educational/technical training do they have?
Did they ever take an anthropology class or cultural courses? What? When?
What is their “cultural” background? How long has their family been in the United States ? Let them talk about their heritage.
As an interviewer note if you perceive any ethnocentrism in the interview?
Have they had any intercultural experiences? Friends, Travel, etc.
How would they assess their knowledge of other cultures? Are there cultures they would like to learn more about? Why?
In their job, how often does culture come into play? Can they cite some examples. Have they had any cultural misunderstandings? Explain.
What is the best way in their opinion to deal with cultural differences? Why?
Overall, what insights did you “pick up” in this interview?
Guidelines for Conducting Interviews
Be sure to contact the person early and do not wait until the last minute
Give them the questions ahead of time
You can either do the interview via email or in person. Telephone interviews are not accepted
You can with permission of person tape record the interview and then submit the tape as evidence of completing the interview
Email interviews work well because you can just print them out
Send a follow up formal thank you letter thanking the person for their time

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