Address Customer Needs

Develop an information sheet for one target group of customers of a camping equipment store . The information sheet should describe the products/services and provide information that may assist customers to evaluate how their needs are met through the purchase of equipment.

Consider and provide answers to the following:

Target groups –who are they?
What are their needs?
What action do you want customers to take after reading your information sheet?
Identify potential areas of difficulty in customer service delivery and address this in your information sheet.

For example:

1. Target group: Schools/clubs wanting to make a bulk purchase of tents and other equipment for group camping.

2. The customer’s need is for camping equipment to provide a camping experience for a group of children or adults.

· Safety is absolutely critical and most customers will be prepared to pay extra to ensure equipment is safe eg ‘cooltouch’ handles on all cookware.

· The equipment is required to be very strong and hardy equipment (some students will not treat the equipment well)

· Equipment should be easy to use – the school or club’s customers (students and club members) will have a need for socialization and fun – they will not want complicated tents and equipment ot learn about and some may have little or no previous experience.

3. I want customers to contact us with a description of their requirements and to provide us with the opportunity of putting together a package of equipment which will meet their needs. Our experience will provide the customers with an efficient package which meets their needs.

4. Potential areas of difficulty

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