A Performance Review

 Attend a live literary production such as a play, poetry reading, performance by a storyteller, or interview/reading/lecture by an author this semester. (If you have any questions about whether the event you wish to attend qualifies, see your classroom instructor before attending.)
Performance Information (each worth 1 point)
1. Name of Performance: ___________Marat / Sade_____________________
2. Type of Performance: __________A revolutionary musical______________
3. Site of Performance: ___________ www.sjsu.edu/trft __________________
4. Date of Performance: __________ November 18, 2014 _________________
5. Time and Length of Performance: _______ 190 minutes _________________
6. Proof (a picture of the ticket or a picture of the event)____________________
• Write a 3-4 page essay analysis that includes a short descriptive summary of the performance as well as an evaluation of the performance, where you choose two or more key messages and analyze how they were presented. In your analysis, include specific examples. You may analyze imagery, setting, word choice, etc. Furthermore, thoroughly explain one or more insights that you gained through this literary event.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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