A brief description of the chapter structure of my dissertation

Dear Advance Writer,
I would like help for my MSc Dissertation in Economics.
I intend for my dissertation to do a SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW on the theme of:
May I give the following time scale that I must follow in order to do this dissertation? It also gives information on what is required for each stage:

Assignment A. – an initial one page outline of my proposed dissertation topic. To be submitted BY 8 FEBRUARY 2011: this should include:
• A description of the problem or issue that I am investigating (in one paragraph);
• The theoretical framework I intend to use, i.e. the origin of the problem in the literature with at least one key reference;
• An explanation of the aims and objectives of the dissertation, and the methodology I intend to use i.e. in my case, a literature review.
• A reference to at least one article that has informed my proposal, that can show what I intend to do and how to do it probably in another context, with different data set, another country coverage etc.

Assignment B- is a detailed outline of my proposed dissertation (4-5 pages, including structure, content, methodology, sources, etc.) that should be submitted by 12 March 2011
The detailed outline should include a revised and more elaborated statement of my first ideas, included in the one page proposal, plus:
• A brief description of the chapter structure of my dissertation;
• references to the literature on which I intend to base my theoretical and methodological sections (not a comprehensive list, but 10-12 core references as a guide);
• precise data sources I intend to use (their availability, the geographical coverage, the number of observations, whether time series are available annually, quarterly etc.); it is no use simply saying I expect to use a particular data source, the university needs me to show both that I understand the data and that I have access to it;

Assignment C- will be formal presentation of 10 minutes with a few ppt slides( also 12 March 2011)
Finalise the research coverage in the 10000- 11000 words.
Obviously my first deadline is the initial one page outline to be submitted by 8/02/11, so could you please help me for assignment A as described above i.e. the first stage, following the requirements as stated above including the research.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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