Perform a Porters 5 forces analysis for India’s ecommerce industry as it impacts eBay.

Case Analysis Project BUS 470

EBay in Indian

Read the case assignment on Blackboard

Directions:  Answer the following questions.  Begin a new page for each question and identify the question as the heading on that page.  The length of your answer is not the determinant of your grade; quality, accuracy, insightfulness, analysis, and thoroughness of each answer are the basis for your grade.  That means that each answer should be substantial. Outside research may be necessary however it will not be a lot.

NOTE:  This is an individual effort, not a group project.  The project must be 100% your own work.  Cheating, plagiarizing, or even sharing of work, will result in failure of the paper and the class (therefore preventing graduation).  The paper must be pledged in accordance with Methodist’s honor code and policy.  A copy must be submitted through and a hard copy turned in to the professor. You may have it reviewed by the writing center.


  1.  Perform a PEST analysis on India’s ecommerce industry as it relates to eBay.  PEST is an acronym that stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological. These are four key areas to focus upon when conducting an environmental scan for an organization. Use the matrix format presented in class and your book to perform a “P.E.S.T.” analysis.


  1. Perform a Porters 5 forces analysis for India’s ecommerce industry as it impacts eBay.   The Five Forces model, developed by Michael Porter, is used to assess the competitive forces at work in a given industry and determine the overall attractiveness of that industry. The five forces are: Internal industry competition, Threat of New Entrants, Threat of Substitute products, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, and Buyer Power.  Use the matrix format presented in class and your book to perform a “Five Forces” analysis.


  1. Perform a SWOT / EFE analysis for eBay’s India business: SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. EFE is an acronym that stands for External Factor Evaluation. Identify only the “O and the T” (external factors) from SWOT and use them to complete an EFE analysis.  Use the EFE matrix format presented in class and your book; including assigning weights, ratings and score.


  1. Discuss the business opportunities, challenges, and trends prevailing in the Indian ecommerce market.


  1. What are the reasons for eBay’s difficulty in the Indian market?


  1. Discuss eBay’s future in the Indian ecommerce market, given the background of the evolving Indian market scenario and eBay’s difficulty in other Asian countries.


  1. eBay is attempting to compete in the competitive Indian ecommerce market in a period where eBay’s sales have begun to stall and decline. Should eBay hold their investment in India but not further invest in it, should they further expand in India, or should eBay exit the Indian market altogether?  Why or why not? Support your answer with facts from the case, your analysis from the above questions, the Ram Charan book, and the Wayland text book (i.e. not an opinion, but rather a fact based business rational). Note, this is the penultimate question that all the previous questions lead to. Don’t skimp on your answer. Then,
  1. If you say exit, what should eBay do next, i.e. how should they refocus their resources and global business strategy
  2. If you say stay or expand, what should eBay’s strategy be to achieve success in the relatively low income Indian market?


Please provide a printed copy of your paper to Professor Wayland as well as an electronic copy to (to ensure your originality of answer).

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